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About Proxies

When we surf the Internet, it is best to remain anonymous for security reasons. It would become extremely difficult or almost impossible to trace whatever information we send and access on the Internet to us.

There are also cases where you might want to access a particular online service, but it is only limited to people in a geographical zone different from where you are at the moment. It could be a service you subscribed to when you were in Britain and then you had to go to the USA.

For Example, people from the USA are not allowed to access the service, you won’t be allowed to as well because your proxy will show you are browsing from the USA.

With the right proxy, you can change your IP from a US proxy to a UK proxy to access the service. Proxies are software that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously or to assume a different identity online.

What are the most popular proxies?

The most popular proxies make it possible to hide your identity or assume a different identity when you are browsing the Internet. They should be able to effectively do this automatically or manually so that if you are using it to access a service that is not locally available.

Therefore, you do not get suspended due to a mistake in using the wrong proxy address to address the site.

What kinds of proxies are there?

There are many kinds of proxies that are available. Prominent among such proxies include Anonymous proxy, High Anonymity Proxy, Reverse Proxy, Transparent Proxy, Distorting proxy, Intercepting Proxy.

There are also different types of proxy servers including Socks Proxy Server, FTP Proxy Server, HTTP Proxy Server, and SSL Proxy Server.

How important are online reviews when choosing a proxy?

It is important to read reviews before choosing a proxy. You want to be sure that the proxy you want to choose is the right type of proxy that you need and that it is affordable.

You also want to be sure that it is effective. Reviews provide you with the most reliable information from unbiased customers about the effectiveness and reliability of the proxy.

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